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myInvenio announces new partnership with SYAD

Actualizado: 19 may 2021

By: myInvenio

The strategic partnership with the Mexico City-based corporate consulting firm SYAD shows myInvenio is ready to bring Process Mining to Latin America.

6 May, 2020 - myInvenio today has announced it has entered into a partnership with  corporate consulting firm SYAD to help customers find the right strategies for process improvement by combining SYAD's expertise consulting with myInvenio’s visionary process mining solution.

The Italy-based myInvenio has been eager to spread the reach of its process mining tool further to create a stable presence outside of Europe and into less chartered areas of Latin America. The collaboration will help bring myInvenio into a position to attract more customers who are looking to optimize business processes.

myInvenio’s Process Mining solution has already seen great success throughout Europe, North America, and Japan. It’s unique set of features like Multi-Level Process Mining, Decisions Rule Mining and Simulation enable businesses to discover end-to-end business processes, identify inefficiencies like bottlenecks and reworks, and gain actionable insights for business process improvement. myInvenio’s advanced simulation engine offers a risk-free environment to test automation strategies using what-if scenarios and calculated ROI estimates before making changes to the actual process for guaranteed success and added value.

With customers including Toyota and Zurich Insurance Group, SYAD, which started in 2009 in Mexico City, has proven its authority in delivering excellent service by providing its clients with innovative solutions that support organizational change and a quick arrival at business goals.

During an indefinite period of economic downturn, companies worldwide are anxious to cut business operational costs and reorganize to meet changing consumer demands. The new partnership will help companies get full transparency into crucial business processes and make impactful decisions on maintaining business continuity.

About myInvenio

myInvenio solution is a process mining and Digital Twin of an Organization solution that offers a low-cost, fail-fast approach to analyze, constantly monitor and improve business processes, and drive digital transformation. myInvenio has been recognized as Cool Vendor in Analytics by Gartner (2016) and Hot Vendor in BPM by Aragon Research (2018). World-class organizations trust myInvenio. Our customers include: FCA, Chiesi Pharmaceuticals, KPMG, Deloitte, Credem Bank, Prysmian Group, and more.

For more information, visit myInvenio's website:

About SYAD

SYAD specializes in maximizing the value proposition of companies through in-depth analysis of their operating models and maximizing resources through process improvement, optimization of the investment and implementation of of SaaS (Software as a Service), market-leading solutions that meet both the needs of companies and local regulations while strictly adhering to the PMI (Project Management Institute) methodology.

For more information, visit SYAD's website:

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